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CICLO ENGENHARIA LTDA - EPP , CNPJ under the 97.405.096/0001-00 , headquartered at Avenue C -255 , number 270 , SEVENTH FLOOR ANNEX ROOM 719/720 ANNEX QD . 588 , LOTS 04 / 08 , Nova Suíça District, Goiânia - GO , sole and exclusive owner of the domain that uses the brand DIAGWEB as : " http://diagweb.com.br " and hereinafter only SITE DIAGWEB establishes the this instrument , called tERMS OF USE SITE for USER 's DIAGWEB according to the conditions described below :

For this TERMS OF USE , USER is the DIAGWEB understand and agree that by using the system DIAGWEB automatically adhere and agree to submit to the full terms of this TERMS OF USE and any of its future changes .

Words spelled with capital letters herein shall have the meanings assigned to them is in accordance with the provisions below :

USER ( S ) : are the individuals or entities who access and use the services provided by DIAGWEB .

WEBSITE : place or set of pages in the Internet environment CONTENT busy with a company or a person .

DIAGWEB SITE : SITE is registered with the Internet Network Information Center Coordination Point BR ( www.registro.br ) under the domain DIAGWEB.com.br , with all the features and tools related to this as well as other fields and SITES brand DIAGWEB recorded in the entities responsible for the classification and registration of the domain .

ADVERTISER ( S ) : are the individuals or companies that serve your ads or advertising on DIAGWEB .

COOKIE ( S ) : small text file stored in browsers . This feature enables the identification and targeting USERS documents according to pre-established parameters .

LINK ( S ) : means an electronic access , either through words or images , which allows connection to other screens of the same SITE , or even other SITES .

SPAM : are emails sent to a group USERS without your permission.

CONTENT : includes text , software , scripts , graphics , photos, sounds , pictures , music, videos , audiovisual combinations , animations , interactive features and other materials that ( s ) USER ( S ) and ( s ) ADVERTISER ( S ) , have access or submit a SITE .

This document informs the responsibilities , duties and obligations that all USER ( S ) assumes the access and / or use the SITE DIAGWEB and its related services such as software , add-ons , plug- ins , bars and accessories unless otherwise governed by a TERM USE specific .

Additional features of the SITE DIAGWEB , possible thanks to electronic technology , do not alter the fact that the SITE DIAGWEB add in your information electronically ADVERTISERS why the DIAGWEB SITE , NOT responsible (like classified ads in newspapers , radio, or television .)

Thus , the USER ( S ) to check the veracity of information obtained through electronic SITE DIAGWEB and take all necessary steps to protect yourself from damage , fraud and embezzlement , including " online " and " offline " .

USER ( S ) should read carefully the terms below before accessing or using the SITE DIAGWEB therefore access or use of this implies full agreement with such universal terms .

The SITE DIAGWEB and other participants of the SITE only provide the USER ( S ) information and services by express agreement to the TERMS OF USE , condções and information contained herein , as well as the other documents incorporated by reference the same . The use of the SITE DIAGWEB means full agreement to all such terms , conditions, and notices .

The DIAGWEB offers in its SITE a search engine customized automotive technical information developed by Cycle Engineering and offered through the Internet , all the ( s) is ( s ) USER ( S ) .

Thus, the SITE DIAGWEB assumes no responsibility arising out of the relationship between the USER ( S ) and ( s ) ADVERTISER ( S ) , whether direct or indirect , and / or well;

. By CONTENT SITES and operation of the ( a) ADVERTISER ( S ) ;

. For transactions carried out between USER ( S ) and ADVERTISER ( S ) ;

. The delivery of products and services ADVERTISER ( S ), and such negotiations for the account and risk of the USER ( S ) , which must surround himself with all necessary care ;

. For damages and / or losses resulting from negotiations between USER and ADVERTISER ( S ) registered in DIAGWEB SITE ;

. The origin , quality and quantity of goods and services ADVERTISER ( S ) registered in DIAGWEB SITE , being full and sole responsibility for them ;

. Transactions effected by " online " on the Internet , which are the sole and exclusive responsibility of providing its products or services .

Therefore, DIAGWEB SITE is not responsible for any action or omission of the USER ( S ) based on the information , ads , videos , photos or other materials available by DIAGWEB . Additionally , the SITE DIAGWEB use its best efforts to keep SITE always updated , complete and accurate, but is not responsible for error , fraud, misstatement , inaccuracy or discrepancy in data, videos , photos or other materials or announcements relating to the inaccuracy of information contained and presented in DIAGWEB SITE .

Any errors in the functioning of DIAGWEB SITE will be corrected during the period that is required for maintenance . The SITE DIAGWEB not responsible for damage caused by non availability or operation error SITE DIAGWEB .

The DIAGWEB SITE , its employees, agents , employees , representatives and shall be exempt from any and all liability arising out of any claim or legal action against one or more ADVERTISER ( S ) , whether promoted by one or more USER ( S ) , or even by a third party .

Nor are the responsibility of the SITE DIAGWEB tax obligations that fall in between activities USER ( S ) and ADVERTISER ( S ) in DIAGWEB SITE . Thus , to acquire some good or service , the USER ( S ) consumer tax document shall require the ADVERTISER ( S ) , unless it is legally excused from providing it.

Every transaction conducted over the Internet should occur with all caution and common sense redoubled. Soon, the USER ( S ) shall assess the risk of the negotiations , taking into account that may possibly deal with people making use of false identities or with minors .

The DIAGWEB suggests the USER ( S ) that:

. Be careful with the data of your individual identification when accessing the Internet , informing them only in transactions where there are data protection ;

. Take any other measures necessary to protect itself from damage , including fraud or embezzlement " online " ;

. Strictly observe all the provisions of this TERMS OF USE .

USER ( S ) through this TERMS OF USE agree to be identified by the system DIAGWEB SITE , as, for example, the use of Cookies and / or other technologies . This policy aims at the continuous improvement of the services provided by the SITE DIAGWEB .

Should you have any questions regarding the data collected by the SITE DIAGWEB see our Privacy Policy available at http://www.diagweb.com.br/politica.asp .

If the USER ( S ) to access the SITE partners , sponsors , ADVERTISER ( S ) and other SITES or services that are accessed through the SITE DIAGWEB , it is possible that request financial information and / or personal consumer USER ( S ) . Such information is not sent by the USER ( S ) to the SITE DIAGWEB , but directly to the requester , not having the SITE DIAGWEB therefore responsible for the use and handling of this information.

The SITE DIAGWEB use its best efforts to prevent the sending of unsolicited e- mails . Therefore , there is established it is absolutely forbidden to use the SITE DIAGWEB to distribute SPAM or indiscriminate sending messages of any kind via email .

The materials SITE DIAGWEB may be accessed, used and printed for your personal, non-commercial USER ( S ) , logo , USER ( S ) may not copy, modify, create derivative works from , transfer or sell any information , " software " list of USER ( S ) and other lists , products or services obtained from the SITE DIAGWEB for commercial use .

Furthermore , the USER ( S ) may not: ]

. Transmit or send information of any kind that may incite induce or promote discriminatory attitudes , criminal or violent messages that violate morality , morals or contrary to public policy ;

. Register with information held by third parties or false ;

. Use the products and / or services available on the Site DIAGWEB for purposes other than those for which they are intended;

. Amend, delete and / or corrupt data and information from third parties ;

. Violate privacy of any USER ( S ) and / or ADVERTISER ( S ) ;

. Violating intellectual property of SITE DIAGWEB of third parties in general , ie , copyright, trademark , patent, etc. . , Through breeding material , without the prior permission of the owner;

. Use " name USER " to keep similarity with the name " DIAGWEB " ;

. Transmit or send files with computer viruses with CONTENT invasive , destructive or cause temporary or permanent damage to the equipment of the recipient and / or the SITE DIAGWEB ;

. Using names and / or nicknames deemed offensive , as well as those containing personal data of any USER ( S ) and / or ADVERTISER ( S ) .

. Transmit or send information owned by third parties ;

. Use addresses of computers or network mail false ;

. Use any name and / or nickname that imply or suggest that the products or services advertised SITE DIAGWEB belong to or are part of their promotions ;

. Use materials that contain any viruses , worms , malware and other computer programs that may damage the SITE or the USER ( S ) or ADVERTISER ( S ) SITE DIAGWEB and,

. Perform the dissemination of illegal material , aggressive , libelous , abusive , defamatory , discriminatory , threatening, harmful , invasive of the privacy of others , terrorists , vulgar , obscene or objectionable in any kind or nature that is harmful to minors, and the preservation of the environment in any way .

. Attach URLs , e - mail or other advertising material or imprint advertising and / or publicity of any third party without prior authorization of the SITE DIAGWEB .

Failure to comply with the terms, conditions and notices of this TERMS OF USE SITE DIAGWEB gives the right to cancel , suspend , delete and / or disable register or material sent by the USER ( S ) , temporarily or permanently , at its sole discretion without prejudice to the relevant legal sanctions and without further notice to the USER ( S ) the action taken within your system .

All materials DIAGWEB SITE , including , but not limited to presentation, " layout " , marks , logos , systems, products , service names and any other materials , including databases , programs , files , images , videos or materials of any other nature and have contractually authorized their placements in DIAGWEB SITE are protected by Intellectual Property laws .

Are owned by the SITE DIAGWEB and its affiliates , customers or suppliers use rights and property delimiting your reproduction, transmission and distribution of such materials is not permitted without the express written consent of SITE DIAGWEB or holder , especially for economic or commercial purpose .

Characterized as a violation of applicable law , the improper use of material protected by intellectual property ( copyright , trademarks , patents etc.). Presented at SITE DIAGWEB , subjecting the USER ( S ) violator to legal measures for the species , without prejudice of any indemnity for damages and attorneys fees to the SITE DIAGWEB , and the third will suffer by the act of the USER ( S ) .

The risks arising from use of the SITE are DIAGWEB USER ( S ) , so if its use results in the need for services and / or replacement of material, equipment , property or information of USER ( S ) DIAGWEB the SITE and its affiliates will not be responsible for such costs .

The products , information , values ??, systems services and / or " software " , published in DIAGWEB SITE may contain inaccuracies and / or typographical errors , for which reason the DIAGWEB use its best efforts to keep SITE updated periodically .

In no way the DIAGWEB be liable for any direct, indirect, special , incidental or any fact resulting from use of DIAGWEB , including for any information , products and / or services obtained through or as a result of its use .

The DIAGWEB contains links to other sites operated by parties other than DIAGWEB and / or its affiliates. LINKS These are provided only for your reference , which is why the DIAGWEB has no control over these other SITES and is not responsible for their content , and the inclusion of these LINKS in DIAGWEB does not imply approval of the material or any association with its owners . Thus , by accessing and using these SITES , your information , materials , products and / or services , the USER ( S ) will be doing so at your own risk.

The same applies to having SITES LINKS to DIAGWEB , behold DIAGWEB has no control over them. The Privacy Policy is applicable to DIAGWEB USER ( S ) when this access the SITE DIAGWEB and can be found at the following LINK : http://www.diagweb.com.br/politica.asp .

Thus , to be forwarded to another SITE , USER ( S ) will be subject to the policies of this SITE on which the DIAGWEB has no relation .

The DIAGWEB , its affiliates and its suppliers may make changes in the services , products, information and other materials DIAGWEB even close their businesses at any time without the need to send any notice to the USER ( S ) and without the right to compensation any USER ( S ) or ADVERTISER ( S ) .

The DIAGWEB can change , modify and / or adjust this TERMS OF USE at any time , and such changes , modifications and / or adjustments will take effect only after they become public . Thus , the USER ( S ) undertakes to review the TERMS OF USE DIAGWEB from time to time , it became clear that the USER ( S ) is subject to the acceptance of the TERMS OF USE force at the time of your access or use is services provided by DIAGWEB .

USER ( S ) and / or ADVERTISER ( S ) indemnify DIAGWEB , its affiliates , subsidiaries , parent companies , employees , officers, directors and employees for any action promoted by other USER ( S ) ADVERTISER ( S ) or third parties arising from illegal activities in DIAGWEB due to the breach of the TERMS OF USE and / or other policies DIAGWEB , or the violation of any laws , third party rights , and be responsible for any damages, plus attorney fees .

USER ( S ) and ( s ) ADVERTISER ( S ) hold all ownership rights to the information , text, graphics, or other materials published in DIAGWEB , however , can reproduce the SITE publish and distribute any files , texts , graphics full or parts of your CONTENT " online " and " offline " .

USER ( S ) and ( s ) ADVERTISER ( S ) can edit or delete the CONTENTS of DIAGWEB anytime , however, if the DIAGWEB have done the distribution of the USER CONTENT ( S ) and ( s ) ADVERTISER ( S ) to others, not committed to making the change than have distributed .

TERMS OF USE This applies to all ADVERTISER ( S ) of DIAGWEB , including USER ( S ) which also contribute to the DIAGWEB CONTENT .

By contributing / submitting any SITE CONTENT DIAGWEB in the ( s ) USER ( S ) and ( s ) ADVERTISER ( S ) , ensure that they have the necessary licenses , rights, consents, and permissions to publish submitted to the CONTENTS DIAGWEB . USER ( S ) ) and ADVERTISER ( S ) DIAGWEB to grant a worldwide, perpetual , irrevocable , royalty-free , transferable , as well as including the right and license to use, copy , modify, delete in its entirety , adapt , publish, translate , create derivative works from , sell, distribute materials and / or incorporate such materials into any form, medium or technology without any prejudice to the USER ( s ) and ( s ) ADVERTISER ( s ) .

Thus , the materials should be subject / subject to any obligation of confidence on the part of DIAGWEB , its employees, agents , employees and representatives no rights or licenses available for this.

The DIAGWEB SITE reserves the right to change , condense or delete any SITE CONTENT DIAGWEB it deems , in its sole discretion , violate guidelines CONTENT , Brazilian law or any other provision of this TERMS OF USE .

USER ( S ) can upload videos and comments , however, the DIAGWEB not guarantee any confidentiality with respect to any CONTENT submitted, it is important to mention that the USER ( S ) is solely responsible for its content and the consequences of posting or publish it , ensuring that you own or have the necessary licenses , rights, consents, and permissions to publish it .

USER ( S ) authorizes DIAGWEB to use all patent , trademark , trade secret , copyright or other proprietary rights and such CONTENT for publication in accordance with these TERMS OF USE . Thus , it should be clarified that the USER ( S ) retains all ownership rights to your CONTENT , however , to send the DIAGWEB CONTENT , USER ( S ) hereby grants the DIAGWEB worldwide, non- exclusive , royalty-free , that can be transferred and sublicensed , to use, reproduce , distribute, prepare derivative works of , display and perform the content in connection with the DIAGWEB ( and its successors' and affiliates ) , including, without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the Service ( and derivative works thereof ) in any media formats and through any media channels .

USER ( S ) also gives all USER ( S ) of DIAGWEB a non - exclusive license to access your Content through DIAGWEB ( and its successors' and affiliates ) , and to use, reproduce , distribute, advertise and play CONTENT such as permitted by the functionality of the SITE DIAGWEB and according to the TERMS OF USE . The above licenses granted by the USER ( S ) for the SITE DIAGWEB , will terminate within a commercially reasonable time after you remove or delete the USER ( S ) . The above licenses , provided by the USER ( S ) in relation to comments are permanent and irrevocable .

USER ( S ) states that not submit material copyrighted by trade secret or otherwise protected by rights of third parties , unless you have permission from the rightful owner of the material or if you are legally entitled to post the material and yield to the sITE DIAGWEB all license rights granted herein .

The DIAGWEB not endorse any CONTENT submitted by any USER ( S ) or licensor , or any opinion , recommendation, or advice expressed therein . The DIAGWEB expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with CONTENT .

The DIAGWEB not allow activities that violate copyright or intellectual property rights in its SITE , so, the SITE CONTENT DIAGWEB remove all Submissions if properly notified that such Content infringes the intellectual property rights of any other person . The DIAGWEB SITE reserves the right to remove without notice CONTENT .

Any notices or communications that a party has to the other party in relation to any rights or obligations contained herein, shall adopt in writing and will be taken as effectively delivered to the address in the preamble of this term , if :

. Delivered by hand against receipt written by those entitled to represent the referred part ;

. Sent by service " courier " by written protocol or by mail , in the form of a registered letter ( " AR " ), or

. Sent by e- mail , or other electronic manner to such communications .

The parties agree to receive messages and electronic files as documentary evidence for all purposes , provided with notice of acknowledgment or other protocol acknowledging receipt of the notice . The courts of the District of Goiânia , Goiás State , such jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising from this TERMS OF USE independently of any other , however privileged it is or will be .