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+ Competitiveness

We call the "accelerated market dynamics" the trend of multiplying brands and models with the launch of hundreds of vehicles and new embedded systems producing thousands of electrical connections that change every year. If your workshop does not have access to a collection that accompanies such "accelerated momentum" this poses a risk to your business.

How will your company follow this trend?

+ Money

Another trend is the "one-stop-shop", that is to offer in one place all the products and services that the customer demands. To make money in this business model, the workshop needs to be fast in diagnosis and efficient in order to increase the number of vehicles per day and the average ticket per vehicle.

How to be faster in diagnosis and efficient in repair?

- Costs

Another trend that should not be overlooked is "minimizing the cost of inefficiency," in other words, the practice of trading parts as a diagnostic strategy has already died. The cost of purchasing the part and the time spent by the professional are no longer banked by the owner of the vehicle, apart from the great risk of losing him as a customer.

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." Robert Orben


6 reasons to subscribe Ciclo

Ciclo products deliver 6 great benefits that make our customers more competitive, increase revenue and minimize costs


Access at any time of the day or night for your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You carry information in your pocket!


The user has the electrical diagram in a smartphone, without the need to install extra applications and that allows the visualization of the two ends of a line, with size of sources that allow the reading.

Easy to read and use!


We create a new production model from a software that interprets spreadsheets and assembles the drawings according to the standardization Ciclo. As a result, we have been able to produce double the number of diagrams we have done in the previous 22 years.



The diagrams generated by the software go far beyond a two-dimensional design (height and width), are actually a set of objects that aggregate at the same time that serve as links to other types of information (non-linear route). Such an architecture provides the user with interactivity and multiple options to investigate the causes of an inconvenience, once it becomes possible to leave the research line, consult complementary contents, and with a click return to the initial reasoning line.

Go from one section to the other without getting lost!


It is the ability to present different lay-outs of diagrams from the same database. For the Cycle the electrical diagram is the vision of the embedded system and the graphic pinout the vision of all the circuits connected to a connector. We do not know of any other company in the world that does this.

Eliminating the Blind Spot!


Flexibility to show intermediate connections and joints, similar to what automakers do.

High level of detail!


Ready to start?


We are looking for partners for a long journey. Your investment in our company represents much more than access to what we already have ready to deliver, it also means injecting capital to you, we can keep up with the accelerated dynamics of the automakers.


"Insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results." Assigned to Albert Einstein

How to be more competitive!

  • Customers say that using our electrical diagrams they can be more assertive in diagnosis and up to 25% faster in execution;
  • The scanner scans an entire system in a fraction of a second, however it needs to be complemented by the electrical diagram and Pinout Graph that work like magnifying glasses detailing the circuitry of the problematic component. Only the Ciclo offers such benefits;
  • The Ciclo innovated and created its own technology to achieve scalability in the production of electrical diagrams and graphic pinouts. Sign now and together we will meet the challenge of keeping up with the accelerated dynamics of automakers.

How to make more money!

  • By empowering mechanics and electricians with the frequent use of our diagrams and pinouts, you quickly perform electrical services and become more available to serve other lucrative services;
  • With our diagrams and pinouts you are recognized in the market for solving difficult problems and can attract new customers which represents an opportunity of "infinite" business with this same client;
  • For the workshop you want to grow, being more efficient in diagnosing and repairing increases the number of day passes. The workshop crashes like a garage!

How to reduce costs!

  • Solving problems by trial and error is extremely costly. The wiring of the car is all hidden as the electrical diagram and the graphic pinout function as a map. Signing our content makes your operation cheaper and safer.
  • Rework generates cost, embarrassment, dissatisfaction and customer leakage. It is fundamental to keep it loyal, as the acquisition of new customers by itself also raises the costs of the workshop.
  • The different standards adopted by the automakers make it difficult for the workforce to work. The Cycle created a unique model and having access to this collection reduces qualification time and response to the different service demands of your workshop.

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